Inspiration #OOC

I really enjoy tweeting as Thermaplugg.  None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for the talented people that brought Thermaplugg and his rival Mekkatorque to life in the first place, Writer @CameronDayton, and voice actors @davemallow  and @dinoandrade

I want to send them a big thank you for their contributions to gnome-kind!

Sicco also lets me channel some of my favorite characters from T.V.

I’m heavily influenced are Dr. Clayton Forester, and TVs Frank from Mystery Science Theater 3000, played by the insanely talented @TraceBeaulieu and @FrankConniff Their mix of evil and lovable goofiness are perfect for playing an evil gnome.  I quote them all the times in subtle ways.

I also pull a lot from Dr. Thaddeus S. “Rusty” Venture of The Venture Brothers, voiced by @JamesUrbaniak

I also have to give some credit to Invader ZIM and @JhonenV

You should check all these people out.  They do good work.  I love ’em!


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