Gnome Cinematic! (almost)

First I want to say that the cinematic for Legion looks beautiful, and I like the way it sets the tone and ties in to the story of the expansion.  the Alliance Airship was amazing to see in such detail, and it makes me hope there are 15 more Warcraft movies so one day we might get to see it on the big screen.

This Post is a nit pick rant about if there is or is not a gnome in there.  To which I must say, there is not.  So I’ve been shown this:tDccN2M - Imgur

So, sure they made a model for a gnome to go in the cinematic, but He’s not IN the cinematic.

flyby1The first fly by the shot is from below.  You can’t see a gnome over the windshield.  In the second flyby the shot is from behind, so all you can see he’s completely behind the engine.

Ignoring the fact that the shots are very out of focus, because they are so far away, even if they had been much closer and in focus you would not have been able to see the gnome because of the angles the flying machines are at.

Flyby2So no, there is no gnome.  Unless you want to say, “Hey their were gnomes in the FIRST cinematic, because it had a shot outside Ironforge, and there are gnomes in Ironforge!”

Really It juts makes me sad, because I know that the gnome fans were really hoping and we have great people on the inside at Blizzard that are fighting to make it happen.


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