Gnome Shaman!

Gnomes should be shaman.  I mean Goblins can do it.  Dwarves can do it.  If those knuckleheads can make it work, we can too!

Gnomes are also the Master Summoners of Azeroth.  If anyone is going to call forth the biggest and baddest extra dimensional entities (that have no place in this world) it’s going to be us!


The whole “commune with your ancestors” thing seems to be going away from Shamans, and they seems to be focused more on Elemental Power and Summoning.  That is a step towards Gnomes my friends.  We are all about examining and understanding sources of power.  Gnomes want to know whatever can be known.

If the religious ritual trappings are being dropped in favor of a more pragmatic role of keeping the elemental plane in check, then count gnomes in!

There also used to be these ‘Artificial Extrapolators’ in Gnomeregan.

They are still there, but you can’t interact with them any longer because the quest to collect ‘Essential Artificial’ was removed.

They open up an interesting question. Is it possible that there is some kind of ‘Artificial Element’ that has gone unnoticed?

*This is another race class combo that doesn’t make as much sense to me personally, but in my poll more people voted for it than against it.  If you want a gnome Shamans, please comment and let me know, why? and what would Shamanism bring to Gnomes?  What would Gnomes bring to Shamanism?

People Like to level from 1 to 100?

I got a lot of push back on my “Leveling is Outdated” post.

The biggest point people seemed to have is that leveling teaches you how top play your class.  I’m all for people learning how to play before they group up.  But I don’t think the current process of grinding your way up from level 1 teaches you much.  If anything it lets players form bad habits, because those low levels are so easy.

I also get that it is quick now to level with heirlooms and stuff.  But honestly, it still takes weeks that don’t amount to much once you’ve completed them.  If you play one race, it’s really easy to end up doing the exact same path as you level up.

The old world will be empty.  it will be COMPLETELY empty.  Except for people going back for loremaster or Transmog gear.  I’m ok with that, because if those old levels are not being used for leveling content, they can be used for FUTURE content.  If all characters are boosted to 100 then all those old world leveling zones are free to be reinvented in to new end game zones.

I know people were not happy with Cata.  With Cata we got ~7 new zones to play in, and ~40 reworked old zones, that people were largely indifferent to, because nobody wants to level. We are at that age again where the old leveling zone are painfully monotonous to level through.

Once 8.0 launches I would like to see every character boosted to level 100. we can level though the ‘old content’ of Legion, do a proving ground and move on to the story in 8.0.

8.0 could hit even closer to home that legion is.  Any zone could go through a change as massive as the vale of eternal blossoms.  Imagine Westfall or Silverpine as endgame zones.

Let me know what you think!

Is leveling good for the game/player?

What old world zone would make an awesome endgame zone?

Note: I know I referenced Cataclysm and The vale of Eternal Blossoms, but I would rather see the zones built up, rather than torn down. My personal preference would be more Lakeshire Bridge, less Stormwind Park.



Gnome Druids

Gnomes should be druids.  It’s obvious that the original prime directive of mechagnomes in Northrend is to preserve and maintain the integrity of knowledge and information for the titans.  If the Emerald Dream is a ‘back-up’ copy of Azeroth on an external hard drive.  It makes sense that gnomes would have an ingrained imperative to protect it, and shield it from corruption.


The Archmage Arugal managed to contact the Emerald Dream through his mastery of Arcane arts, their is no reason that Master Summoners such as gnomes should have any more trouble than he did.

I’ve seen lost of jokes about funny forms that gnomes could take, (kittens, flowers, chickens) and I have seen serious posts about gnomes taking mechanical forms, by piloting mechs, or reversing the curse of flesh like Mechazod, but honestly, we don’t NEED any of that to make it work.

Gnomes strive to understand how things work (and improve them) why do people have such a hard time believing that gnomes can do things the normal way?  Gnomes would want to learn (because they want to learn everything) how Night Elves and Worgen turn in to animals, because they need to understand it before they can improve it.  Maybe some cool mech forms later, with glyphs or something, but first we need to learn how to do it, then  we can enhance it.

(Obligatory Gnome forms picture I’ve posted a million times.)


I would love to see an expansion that focused on druids and morphed them in to a hero class.  Open them up to all races, start them at a high level.  Lets face it.  Druids are a high fantasy class.  they are lore rich and thematically spectacular.  Speaking of SPECtacular, 4 specs?  That is totally a hero class.

*I personally don’t get Gnome Druids, but lots of people ask for them, so here there we go.

Gnome Paladins!

Gnome Paladins would be cool.  We’ve been in the Alliance sense paladins were ‘invented’.  Gnomes have priests, and are very strong in our convictions.  Just because you want to understand how something works doesn’t mean you don’t believe it.

The only argument against gnomes having paladins went away when gnomes got priests.  It would have made sense to add Gnome Paladins during Cataclysm, that is when they added these sweet gnome paladin items.

Vagaries of Time and Timepiece of the Bronze Flight


I hear a lot pf players ask for Gnome Paladins, but was surprised when I did a poll that overwhelmingly Gnomes wanted Hunters.   I hear people ask for Gnome Druids too, but that usually is just a set-up for a joke about what the forms would be.

Note: *I was going to write this post the day after my Gnome Hunters post, but then they literally announced Gnome Hunters that day, so it felt ungrateful to ask for another class right out of the gate.

Warcraft Dreams

I’ve had lots of dreams where I am my gnome character in Warcraft doing stuff.

Last night I dreamed that I (the real me) was in a fishing village.  there were small houses on stilts and small wooden bridge leading across the water, a river maybe.

The people there were all wearing light cloths and very thin and lean.  Real people in a real place.

Suddenly a Pandaren comes walking across the bridge.  The people in the village seemed surprised, but only slightly.  Like they knew who he was, but were not expecting him to show up.

I was terrified.  As much as I have made fun of Pandaren in the past for being silly, seeing a real life bear-man just over six feet tall scared the crap out of me.  He walked up to a guy and gestured towards him with his paw while saying something.  I thought to myself, “oh no! I’m about to see a guy mauled to death by a Half Man, Half Bear!”

That did not happen, they guy said something, they put their arms around each other and began to walk together.

“Ok, they are friends… weird”

Then I woke up.

Oh, did I mention the Panda was wearing a shiny purple suit?

It was a weird dream.

It did make me realize how much the cartoony style of Warcraft lets them get away with.  They is some deep and troubling topics that get covered in game, but the lighthearted attitude and soft art style keeps things from getting too oppressive.

There is so much stuff that goes by me in WoW that if I saw in real life I would lose my mind.  Really common stuff, like Orcs or Draenei.  I think this might be a side effect of the Warcraft Movie Trailer.  I suddenly have this much sharper idea of what the world of Azeroth looks like.  It’s a frightening picture.


Sheer. Purple. Terror… but also, friendly?

Racial Glyphs

New Glyph changes are great!  No limit is awesome!  It opens up a crazy world of customization.

I hope that we see Glyphs for Racial traits.  It would give us the flexibility to mix and match traits across races, and would could open the possibility of all those sub-races people seem to want, and give it a game play edge.


Leveling is Outdated

I don’t think we’ll ever see a new standard class added to World of Warcraft again.  Legion comes with both a Level 100 Boost and Demon Hunters start at ~100.  You can start Warcraft fresh, on a new account and begin play with two level 100 characters.

Once we are leveling from level 110 to ???  asking someone to level from 1 to (lets say) 120 won’t really be expected anymore.  People will either race change or boost their characters.  When you consider that most people want to play end game.  It’s just another barrier to entry for people to have to spend X amount of time putting in leg work to get a character up to where they can participate in the fun new exciting aspects of an expansion.

Honestly thought, It might be time that ALL new characters start at level 40, or 60, or 80 (perhaps new characters start at the max level of the latest ‘free’/bundled expansion).  I don’t know how much work that would be to do, if it would even be possible to do at all.  But I think it would be a boon to the game.

It could even be done one or two classes at a time.  An expansion that focus heavily on an existing class could ‘upgrade’ that class to a hero class.  Give it another spec, open it up to all races and start it at level 100.