What should be the difference between a spec and a talent?

It seems like there are some talents that make a spec so much different from other choices that they are possibly a bigger deal than the spec you choose. Gladiator stance changes Protection from tank to DPS, but Arms and Fury are always melee DPS.  It makes it seem like “Do I play Protection with or without Gladiator Stance” is a bigger choice than.  “Do I DPS as Arms or Fury”

Ideally a talent changes your play-style or rotation some, but how much is too much?

How much is too little change to justify different specs?

It seems like what Blizzard would currently LIKE is for each spec to be a different role for each class (tank/healer/rangeDPS/meleeDPS/Dots), but that the specs have too much history to make those changes now.

Would it be too drastic for example to make ONE melee DPS spec for rogues, and then have what are currently the signature abilities of the 3 current specs as talents, then give rogues a tank and ranged DPS spec?

I don’t think they could make a change that drastic at this point, but I would be interested to see them try.


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