From “Cut Short” to “Etherwalker”

If you’re reading this, I expect you’ve read “Cut Short”, The leader short story of ME Sicco Thermaplugg (also that other guy, Gelbin Mekkatorque). It’s by Cameron Dayton @CameronDayton, and is the most important and in depth piece of fiction for gnomes in Warcraft.image

Dayton has written a new book called “Etherwalker”

It’s a great mix of machines and fantasy.  If you are a fan of fantastical adventures this will be right up your ally.  I am enjoying it immensely! It’s a little like Neuromancer meets Mad Max.

The first 3 chapters can be previewed for free through Amazon.  I read them and got hooked.  Definitely go check it out!

(There is even a hidden gnome!)



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