Class Hall race representation

Time to make a reasonable request after all my complaining and silliness.

I would like to see a member of each race for each spec in the class hall.  And not just standing around; giving a quest that gives insight in to how that race views the role of that class/spec in it’s society.  I’m sure that a gnome shadow priest is VERY different from a night elf shadow priest and both are still very different from undead shadow priests, whom are all different from Troll shadow priests etc.

SprocketI’m sure gnome fury warriors feel very different about their jobs than gnome prot or arms warriors.

I think the Calls Halls would best be served by filling them full of different people arguing how to do their job the best.

Oh, and we need gnome paladins now, other wise how are we going to wield that Ashbringer!?


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