Gnome Artifacts

I’m going to go ahead and accept that there are not going to be gnomes in Legion.  I’m still going to complain about it, but I’ve accepted it.  I’m also going to go ahead and except the fact there will be no gnome artifacts, or gnome themed variations on any of the artifacts.

My only glimmer of hope on this is that with the expanded profession team, they might be a relic each profession can craft that will unlock a skin for the weapons,

Gear theme from Engineering,

Crystal theme from Gem Cutting,

Earth theme from Mining.

Liquid theme from Alchemy.

Not that this is ideal.  Gnomes are more than robots in disguise.  It’s just the only thing I think might possibly be coming that would even fit with gnomes.

*Edit* There have turned out to be way more gnome things in legion than I anticipated!