I won.

My goal was always to get Gnomes out of Gnomeregan and exploring Azeroth and making new gnome settlements.

Toshley’s Station, Fizzcrank Airstrip, heck even New Tinker Town are all MY Vision, MY Legacy!

The cost to Gnomeregan was high, but the gnome race has been reforged in the way I always saw them.  Fighting for a larger place in the world!



2 thoughts on “I won.

  1. Yes, cause killing off 80% of you race is the best method. You do know that all post Cataclysm Gnomes were so Irradiated that their bodes were on the verge of cellular collapse. Leper Gnome was just 1 stage of the full deterioration. You sterilized your race. That baby in the outland is probably one of the last viable gnomes. You will go they way of the Forsaken.


    • We aren’t DETERIORATING! Piles of green goo might be the next step in our forward Evolution! The affects of the gas on each individual gnome varies. Some stop aging, some turn to ooze, some grow large and more confidant. The forsaken have found a way to make lost new Forsaken. We could do the same. We could just start turning members of other races in to gnomes. We are masters of Transformation Rays!


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