Defunct Gnome Orders – Mages

I’ve found information on two Mage orders in Gnomeregan, one a public work Guild and the other a secret society.

GnomeUnions-Arcane-Chronomancers1The Secret Society called themselves the Lords of Time.  They appear to have been what we would call Arcane mages.  A lot of the documents I looked at had allusions to them, but very few direct mentions.  They appear to have simply vanished, if they ever existed at all.

Their symbol is convoluted.  Something about an hourglass with objects orbiting around it, in circles, while concurrently the same objects pass through the hour glass in a straight line.  Who could make sense of that?



More commonly know, were the Steamfitters Union.  This union had two branches the Accelerants (fire mages), and the Hydrobinders (frost mages).  The Accelerants controlled power, and the Hydrobinders control the water.  They worked together to create the massive steam driven engines that power Gnomeregan.


The Accelerants made use of a stylized graph indicating that alluded to controlled increases in power.

And the Hydrobinders used a depiction of some kind of Filter with pipes at the bottom.



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