Defunct Gnome Orders- Warriors

I’m having the bibliotech at Gearshaft University added to the binary buzz box system.

Looks like their used to be Gnomish Orders.  The tinkers unions for Gnomish and Goblin engineering have survived, but a ton of groups have become obsolete.  I’ll be posting those as I get them translated.  Some of them have made it in some way to the modern world, there are others I can’t understand what they ever did.

Here are the first few.  They appear to be Warrior groups.

GnomeUnions-WarProcetion-TeratrooperInfantryTeratrooper Infantry – These gnomes armed with sword and shield patrolled the natural tunnels that connect to Gnomeregan.  They were trained to stand together in tight formation and cut off narrow passages with their shields.  The Force Reactive Disk was invented by them for them with the intent to interlock and dig in to the walls of a tunnel.  This tradition has continued on in to the modern Gnomeregan Infantry.

They are represented as a bulwark guarding interlocking gears.


GnomeUnions-Arms-SentryCommiteeSentry Committee – These gnomes guarded the surface of Gnomeregan.  They specialized in the larger weapons used by other races.  The idea apparently being that by using the largest weapons possible they would prove they were equally capable in martial ability.  Because of Gnomeregans narrow entrance, there were far fewer of these gnomes.  They were finally disbanded when the gnome monarchy ordered Gnomeregan sealed.

They are represented by three weapons with one handle.


GnomeUnions-Fury-PummelersThe Pummelers – In the notes above there are references to another group called ‘The Pummelers’.  This appears to be a derogatory term for gnomes that did not have the discipline to operate in the tight groups of the Infantry, or the technical prowess of the Sentries.  These gnomes put more ’emotion’ in to their battles than any other.  There are records of some as champions.

They are represented by a large hammer made of loose bolts. (This seems to have originated as a derogatory image assigned TO the group that they later adopted.)


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