Come on Moira!

A letter addressed to the royal Queen-Regent of Ironforge Moira Thaurissan,

I am the King of Gnomeregan, the Mekgineer Sicco Thermaplugg.  I am sure you know me by reputation.  I had an agreement with your late husband.  I know that you are trying to work more with the Alliance and other Dwarven clans than he was, but I would appreciate it if we could meet and renegotiate the agreement Dagran and I had together.  I am sure you do not want to dishonor your late husbands memory by casting aside his allies.

I heard about what you did with Ambassador Slaghammer.  I never did like him.  He never had an eye for the future.

I will be awaiting your response,

Sicco Thermaplugg

P.S.  I do appreciate that you kicked Mekkatorque and his rabble out of you city.  I take it an a ‘good will’ gesture.


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