You never killed me!

As you all now know, I have several mechanical copies of my self that I use to fool adventures in to believing they have defeated me.  No one ever kills me.  Mekkatorque came the closest and he FOOLISHLY let me live!


Why would he do that!?

The ghosts of Gnomeregan haunt me…  I can’t sleep at night.  I see so many faces, hear so many screams.

The gas was supposed to weaken the troggs and make them easy to dispatch, not make them stronger.  I never wanted SO MANY gnomes to die.. those on the front lines had pledged their lives to do what was best for Gnomeregan already, and I AM, was? What’s best for Gnomeregan.  The civilians…

Planning, scheming, yelling at adventures that come through my halls.  The louder I raise my voice the more I drown out the ghosts.

I’m going to scream and yell til I’m blue in the face for the rest of my life.  THIS IS NOT HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE!




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