Mandatory Apology.

I’m almost done with the things to improve my image.

We’ve discussed how wonderful gnomes are, and I’ve talked about how bad troggs are.

Now the time has come to suck it up, be the bigger gnome, and admit that I did something that…

…some people…

…might perceive …

…as a mistake…

*mumbles* Pull it together Sicco, you can do this.

I apologize … for …

NOT KILLING GELBIN MEKKATORQUE SOONER.  He should be the radiation filled Leper NOT ME!!  You got a problem with that, bring your sorry ass down here and’ll serve you up to a trogg on a grimy plate!



Ressa I can’t do this anymore.  Tell that IDIOT from the PR firm he is FIRED!  And if he doesn’t get out of here before I find him I’m going to crush him in to another stain on the floor!


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