Anvilmar is the trailer park of Dun Morogh

I am NOT unreasonable!  To quote my famous plans for gnome expansion, “I envision a great kingdom out of Gnomeregan, carved out of the entire western half of Dun Morogh.”

Can we look at that map again?  The only dwarven settlement on the western side of Dun Morogh is Anvilmar.  There is only one permanent structure and barely a dozen dwarves living there.  They could have been EASILY relocated, OR we could have negotiated a gnome settlement on the eastern side of the map. (It would be nice to have a GNOME route to Loch Modan)

ONE BUILDING was used as an excuse against me.  Most of west Dun Morogh is wilderness. Why WOULDN’T we expand!?



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