New-New Tinkertown

Dear Gnomes,

We can do better!  “New” Tinkertown is a humble shanty town.  Look at what the Goblins were able to do in Azshara in half the time! We need to go BIGGER!  The Alliance is well organize, and good at sharing resources. There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to put that goblin bay to COMPLETE shame!

We have so much to work with.  Perhaps I was over… aggressive… in my plan to displace the Dwarves to make more room for us.  There is plenty of room.  Goblins built out in to the sea?  Gnomes can build up in to the SKY!

Imagine it.  Gnomeregan spires.  Ask a guard for directions? NO, walk up to a teleporter and be teleported to a shop ten feet away. Why? Because we CAN!  Elevators are LAME.  BUT single occupancy pneumatic tubes? AMAZING!

We can do it.  Gnomes, please, stop digging down, backwards, in to the past.  Move forwards, upwards, towards an elevated and enlightened FUTURE!



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