PR Firm

Ressa heard @pommie_tappet ‘s “image problem” comment and took it upon herself to hire a PR firm from Booty bay.  They sent up some junior human with a list of feed back.  Listen to this nonsense!:

“Things take a break from:

1. Stop threatening to kill the High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque.  Your stance on him is clear and people are beginning to feel you are obsessed.

2. Stop using the words, “leper” and “irradiated”.  We want to move your image away form the incident in Gnomeregan.

3. Stop attacking on sight anyone that enters the city.

These things are holding you back and you need to let go of them.

There are some things you could to actively improve your image.

4. Begin to removing troggs from Gnomeregan.  Troggs tested very poorly with all groups, especially Gnomes and Dwarves.

5. Play up your desire for gnomes to have a larger presence in the world.  Many gnomes feel neglected by the Alliance and can sympathize with the desire to make an impact on Azeroth.

6. Express some kind of remorse for the event in Gnomeregan.  If not a full out apology, a “Knowing what I know now I wouldn’t…” style statement would go a long way to soften your image.”

Other than #5, I can’t imagine doing any of these.  What would I talk about!?  Knitting sweaters!?


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