MLG seeks Adventurers for Menace

Sorry Mekkatorque, I think it’s time we menaced other people.  It’s clear that I am just too much villain for you to handle. Operation Gnomeregan was a nice diversion, but you failed, and I think it’s time we both moved on.

I am sending out a resume to other heroes of Azeroth to take me on.  If you know of an ACTIVE hero looking for an involved and interesting antagonist, please let me know!

My accomplishments include:

– Betraying the trust of my closet friend.

– Exterminating 80% of my own race.

– Multiple unethical experiments

– Patent violations

– Half Machine (Waste down)


– Engineering

– Alchemy

– Knitting

Job History

– King of Gnomeregan from year 20 to present.

– Adviser to High Tinker 10+ years

– Veteran of the Second War, Submarine commander


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