MLG seeks Adventurers for Menace

Sorry Mekkatorque, I think it’s time we menaced other people.  It’s clear that I am just too much villain for you to handle. Operation Gnomeregan was a nice diversion, but you failed, and I think it’s time we both moved on.

I am sending out a resume to other heroes of Azeroth to take me on.  If you know of an ACTIVE hero looking for an involved and interesting antagonist, please let me know!

My accomplishments include:

– Betraying the trust of my closet friend.

– Exterminating 80% of my own race.

– Multiple unethical experiments

– Patent violations

– Half Machine (Waste down)


– Engineering

– Alchemy

– Knitting

Job History

– King of Gnomeregan from year 20 to present.

– Adviser to High Tinker 10+ years

– Veteran of the Second War, Submarine commander

Mount up!

There have been some requests that I unrestricted the airspace in Gnomeregan.  That’s not going to happen.  I don’t even allow ground mounts down here!  The Anti-air disruption field is not going anywhere!

BUT that did give me an idea.  What better way to get adventures to work slavishly for me AND for they PAY to do it!

Sell them mounts.  The best part it that they still pay for the mount, they just do the work for the RIGHT to buy it.  I can’t stop giggling to myself about the idea!  Ok here goes.

Honored – Giant Irradiated Cockroach  It’s first on the list because I have a LOT of them down here, and I want to get rid of them.


Revered – Metal Snake  Inspired by the Rock Worm samples from Deepholm.  These are a complex set of magnetically quantum locked gears. There were a lot of kinks to work out, seriously hundreds.  The first one I  turned on collapsed in on itself like a Quel’dorei Soap Opera.


And finally I was told everyone already has a bunch of Rockets to ride, and even some meks!  PLUS some a-holes stole the plans for the Mekgineer’s Chopper from me and made a bunch.  So I had to go a different route.

Exalted – Lifelike Mechanical Magnataur  Ride around like a bad-ass on the coolest monster ever.*


*Safety not guaranteed

The Best Part of My Day

The best part of my day is hunting down the foolish adventures that think they can defeat me and openly mocking them on Social Media!

Oh you got this?


Defeat eh? HA!  I’m coming after you with 140 characters of taunting revenge!

I might be down, but I am NOT OUT!

A Gnomeregan Carol #OOC

I asked all the people I follow on if they could add a quest to the game, what would they like to add?

I asked because I have one in mind.  I would like to see Gnomeregan moved to the Caverns of Time.  The quest would be to escort Sicco Thermaplugg of ~30 years ago through the dungeon and show him the destructive results of his deeds, Ghost of Christmas Future style.

Then when you get back to regular Gnomeregan, it is a full and flourishing city in the over world, because it was never destroyed.

It might be that Gelbin needs to do something important and the infinite dragon flight stopped him now we need to make it right.  Whatever the lore reason, that way the Devs get the keep the dungeon as a dungeon, but also give gnomes their city back.

What do you think sirs?GnomereganBackdrop

Gnomish Zodiac

I promised after renaming the days of the week and the months, that I would post some old Gnomish Zodiac stuff that was sitting neglected in a library. A few notes:

1.  I have not updated the old Month names to reflect the ones I previously announced.

2.  These are considered old superstitions by most gnomes.

3.  I can’t match the constellations pictured to actual stars on Azeroth.

4.  I have condensed some VERY long passages in to their core ideas.

Introduction: “The universe is a large turning wheel.  Each of these signs is a part in a larger machine.  The role we play in life is a part of a larger whole.  These signs are meant for those who feel lost or out of place to find a calling that resonates with them as individuals.”

Z01Aqueducts – JANutensil 21 – FEBregan 19

Represented by pipes. These gnomes are a constant stream of fluid ideas. Great at communication, they bring others together and facilitate idea exchanges. These gnomes are humorous and sometime pushy. They are extroverts that keep things moving.


Z02Prisms –FEBregan 20 – MARchitect 20

Refract and focus light.  These gnomes are focused.  They tend to be stable innovators preferring iteration on current inventions to radical new concepts.  They make it a point to specialize and try to be the top expert in their specific field.


Z03Ammo – MARchitect 21 – APRoil 20

The extreme forward edge.  Ammo gnomes are the first in to any situation.  They are the most likely to explore and make new discoveries about the nature of the world that others can use in inventions.  These spontaneous gnomes are great at sensing the causes of phenomenon and explaining them.


Z04Turbine – APRoil 21 – gMAY 21

Turbines work hard and consistently. Turbine gnomes are the most reliable and hard working.  These gnomes never give up, and can have trouble changing course. Turbine gnomes are always thinking. They are even handed and consistent in their actions.


Z05Genius – gMAY 22 – JUNique 21

Sources of raw imagination. Genius gnomes come up with truly mad ideas, not just inventions but ‘what if’s’ about the natural world that other gnome seek to explain or disprove.  These gnomes create explosive advancements.


Z06Clutch – JUNique 22 – JULtility 22

A control or operating mechanism. Clutch gnomes enjoy using new tech as opposed to designing or building it.  These gnomes are most likely to be pilots. They tend to only master enough engineering to keep devices working.  When in a group they feel a need to be in charge.


Z07Gyro – JULtility 22 – AUGizmo 21

Gyroscopes control orientation.  Gyro gnomes are the moral compass of gnomish society. These gnomes focus on the good and practical implications of inventions and ideas for the good of gnome kind.  They are known for having strong character and being traditional and conservative in their work.


Z08Visor – AUGizmo 22 – SEPTransgear 23

Visors create a focus and safe view from a distance.  Visor gnomes are observant.  They take in the world, learn and archive.  They are the most content to be taught rather than learn through experimentation.  Sometimes considered aloof, these gnomes prefer objective analysis to spontaneous experimentation.


Z09Lever – SEPTransgear 24 – clOCTogear 23

Levers use a fulcrum to do work. Lever gnomes know how to get the most with the least.  Their plans tend to be brilliant and simple. They are usually the first to come up with a solution and can lack patients with those that want to overly complicate a problem. They prefer Measurement and Success over Trial and Error.


Z10Scoops – clOCTogear 24 – NOVibgear 22

Scoops dig in to new area and bring fresh resources.  Scoop gnomes have the most diverse skill sets of any gnomes.  Unlike some of their hyper focused cousins, these gnomes study and explore in broad ranges.  They want to learn and teach everything they can, and let other gnomes worry about the practical applications.


Z11Sentient-Automaton NOVibgear 23 – DECentgear 22

Sentient Automatons are fully independent devices – Sentient-Automaton gnomes are the most independent of all.  They tend to be extremely pragmatic.  These gnomes are most likely to ignore safety warnings, and discover some of the most dangerous devices.


Z12Corkscrew – DECentgear 23 – JANutensil 20

Corkscrews take the most direct path in to a problem.  Corkscrew gnomes like to plunge directly in to the heart of a problem.  They go straight for the source while others deal with the symptoms.  They are very dedicated, and usually think they know best.