Year After Year After Year

I’ve been unfairly characterized and having “snapped” when Gelbin was elected High Tinker.  This is not the case!  Do you know how often High Tinkers are elected?  Of course you don’t!

Mekkatorque took the position young, right out of college.  I tried to be patient and wait it out, but year after year, election after election, the Council of Tinkers gave the position to Mekkatorque.  Every time I would come up with a new more elaborate plan for Gnomeregan’s future.  Only to be shot down by Gelbin’s cronies on the council.

We were starting to get old.  My chances had almost dried up!  If I didn’t do something drastic I would have lived my whole life in that pompous windbag’s shadow!  I had to PROVE my merits with ACTION, and not wait for the political machine to recognize me.